Hi guys welcome back to my blog, today I’m going to share a very easy unconventional recipe for egusi soup, so if you are not familiar with egusi soup it is one of  Nigerians famous delicacy it is mostly prepared with palm fruit oil but today I’m using tomatoes and vegetable oil I’m also using just chicken today you can use meat or fish.


  • Egusi (melon seed)
  • chicken
  • bitter leaf ( can use parsley,spinach or pumpkin leaves)
  • tomatoes paste
  • vegetable oil


  • onions
  • chilli pepper
  • rosemary or thyme
  • curry
  • maggi(stock cubes.)
  • garlic
  • ginger


  • bring the melon seed to a powdery form,(blend, grind or pound)
  • cut chicken or meat anyone you are using
  • chop leaves in big sizes


  • season  chicken with garlic,ginger, onions, chili pepper, curry and maggi add water and leave to cook in medium to high heat till ready.
  • preheat oil and add tomatoes paste and saute till the color gets a little darker add rosemary , curry, a pinch of salt and chili pepper  and saute for 3 to 5 mins more.
  • add egusi to boiling chicken and add more water is needed leave to boil for at least   5mins
  • then add the already fried tomatoes paste and leave to boil for 3 mins
  •  and finally add your leaves when ready to turn off heat.